We all have our background, right? Well, my “humble beginnings” sounded textbook perfect on paper. I was an active youth member at my local church, a scholar, and overall the go-to person in my community. For those that did not know me well, you would think I was a “goody two shoes”. You know what they say, the ones that are brought up in church or any area with structure tend to be the ones that spiral. Sadly in this case, they were right.

During my high school days, I was front and center in altercations with administration and peers. Why? I was lonely. Bored. Stressed. I’m in high school. I should be enjoying life, working, keeping up with my positive image. Before I get too carried away, here’s the backstory.

When I was 9, my mother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. During the period from 2000-2004, my mother was hospitalized several times forcing me to live with relatives and family friends. This was the start of my downfall. During my high school years, I had taken on the role as a full-time caregiver. In the beginning, it was a lot to take, especially as a teenager. Instead of reaching out for help, I turned to trouble. I had no real supervision during this time. I had taken on an adult role, so I had the world at my fingertips.

Drinking and partying became the norm. I still made through high school with honors, but my feelings still stayed the same. Partying, drinking, and depression still plagued me when I went to college. I was tired. I was tired of being tired. Why can’t I be happy? Others would dream about the life I had. Why couldn’t I just suck it up and be happy?

It took years for me to figure out how to find a happy median. Through faith and hard-work, I had to learn how to release. Even though I was successful on the outside looking in, I knew it would eventually catch up to me and bite me in the rear. I learned how to properly release my burdens. How did I manage this? Simply, talking about it. I had to tell my story to anyone who listened. Being able to express myself and trust that better days were ahead, I began to heal. Now, I speak, write, lead, serve and will do a little song and dance when allotted the opportunity. I am free!

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