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As most do, Tabitha has a story, a unique one, one that was silenced for many years however with courage and confidence she is becoming more willing to share as it may help someone along the way. She can now be identified as a motivator, educator, entrepreneur, philanthropist, leader and so on, however she is not too fond of titles. She would rather be known by her impact opposed to her accolades.


Tabitha was subconsciously placed into leadership roles from a very youthful age. She began as a very active youth member at her local church participating in the choir, ushering, youth leadership conferences and community service. As a young scholar, she excelled in academics and athletics, throughout high school she maintained exceptional records while being civically engaged. This would seem normal for someone of Tabitha’s caliber however there is a quite a twist to this young leader’s story. In her earlier years, despite high academic achievement and involvement she was often involved in altercations with administration and peers. Before she exerted her energy into leadership, she was often in trouble as it was a cry for help and attention.

At the age of 9, Tabitha’s mother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. During the period from 2000-2004, her mother was hospitalized several times causing Tabitha to be forced to live with relatives and family friends. In the seventh grade, Tabitha vowed that no matter what was wrong with her mother they would see it through together. Though grateful for those who stepped up to help, there was no place she’d rather be then with her mom. During her high school years, she had huge responsibility in addition to her academic and athletic commitments. Not many people really knew the troubles she faced; she tried her best to keep those as hidden as possible. With so many stressors, you may ask how did she deal? Well, the pleasures of the world were at her fingertips since she did not have traditional supervision. Drinking, staying out and hanging with older people became her norm. This was an anesthetic.

Enjoying life early did not deter Tabitha from always knowing that greatness was the goal. Upon graduation, she transitioned to Coastal Carolina University to complete her undergraduate studies. She became involved upon arrival and the rest was history. While working full-time for most of her tenure, she still managed to achieve scholastic and philanthropic goals. She held leadership positions and helped others achieve their goals. Great life huh . . . One would think! Her dedication to academics, social life, clubs and organizations while working full-time and taking care of her mother became overbearing at times resulting in excessive drinking and moments of pure depression. There would be many days that before work or school she would have to “take a moment”.

How do you come out of situations like these with multiple degrees, accolades and a successful career? Faith and hard-work. Tabitha knew there was no way life could continue without her releasing some of the burdens. Once she began to tell her story, to express her hardships and most importantly trust that better days were to come; life began to transition. Now, she speaks, she writes, she leads, she serves and will do a little song and dance when allotted the opportunity – the young, energetic entrepreneur is fueled by authentic connections and has a passion for serving others.

She loves spending time in her hometown where she learned the basics of economics, history, bartering and persuasive negotiating from her grandparents and older family members. When she is not on the road she can be found at home spending time with her mother. She serves as the primary caretaker of her dear mother, sister and friend. Of the many titles and accolades, she has earned, being her mother’s child is by far her favorite.

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